Compliance Programs and Investigations

There is no question of the importance of compliance with laws and regulations. Compliance programs can help your Company satisfy its legal obligations as well as help ensure that all employees understand and adhere to your expectations of ethical conduct. We help with creating and building corporate compliance programs or improving and expanding existing compliance programs. We can also assist clients with training on and assessments of compliance programs. Time spent creating and adhering to a well thought out and effective compliance program can significantly reduce your future exposure to future expenses and enforcement actions.

The need for an internal investigation can arise from a number of different scenarios. Whether the allegations arrive through an employee, whistleblower, unsatisfied customer, frustrated competitor, or through formal government process, we can help. We’re sensitive to the need for discreetness and stand ready to assist in the investigation of the merits of the allegation, determine how to address the claim, and (if appropriate) recommend changes to help reduce the chances of future allegations or concerns.

Feel free to contact us to determine if we are the right Ohio law firm to assist with your compliance programs and investigations.