Corporate Governance

While changes implemented during the past few decades were intended to strengthen the oversight function of boards, the result has been increased regulation, shareholder demands, and significant corporate governance reforms. There are many different models of corporate governance around the world. In the U.S., we believe there are five overriding pillars to good corporate governance: Leadership; Sustainability; Accountability; Capability; and Integrity.

An effective board should be at the helm to keep the company on course to meet its short and long term goals. An effective board should help create value for reinvestment as well as distributions to shareholders, management, and employees. An effective board should regularly and transparently communicate to shareholders providing a fair and balanced update as to the company’s progress towards it goals. An effective board should have a mix of skill sets and experience to help navigate through difficult times. Finally, an effective board should lead the company in a manner that can withstand scrutiny by all stakeholders. We can help Directors understand when to take charge, when to partner, and when to move out of the way.

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